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“With one of the most well-connected sports and celebrity networks, Rushmore Gaming is poised to launch, grow and even skyrocket in both influencer endorsements and national visibility.”


  • The visibility of a team with a history of sports, entrepreneurial and franchise success

  • A multi-faceted approach to marketing with the financial backing that will allow for exponential growth

  • Influencer access to a wide range of sports stars and celebrities.

  • A core team with Midwestern work ethics and values

Our Vision

Rushmore Gaming will be the premier company for online game play and sports betting globally.

Our Mission

Rushmore Gaming delivers online game play and sports betting applications for a secure, private and unparalleled entertainment experience.

Our Values

These values are the foundation of Rushmore Gaming in all business, customers and partner interactions:

Customer Service – We will exceed the expectations of our clients with the highest of service standards. 

Integrity – We will operate in a courteous, transparent and honest manner.

Innovation – We will continually introduce creative, new and groundbreaking experiences for our customers.

Accountability – We will be accountable and respectable in all interactions. 

Community – We will be leaders in our industry and aggressively give back to the communities we serve.

Grit – We will not be outworked.